Dedicated to helping veterans find peace from PTSD by learning and practicing meditation

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Veterans + Meditation

This project, is my way of continuing a journey of healing, by raising money to send fellow veterans with PTSD to one of our weekend Meditation retreats to learn life changing meditation just as I have done. Allowing veterans a chance at finding and being yourself again by quieting your mind and learning to accept the past which then allows you to unlock the future. I understand the health problems all too well if you try to bury your feelings and pain. Those feelings and pain will manifest into severe health problems see “my story” below

Finding and being yourself

After the gunfire, explosions, smoke, smells, adrenaline and shear terror that is combat. You are left with memories, dreams, guilt, an attitude that civilian life is trivial and a realization that most people just don’t understand how you feel. Why, because unless you have seen and survived, you won’t understand.

Well, I understand…..  and I hope to help others in finding and being yourself again, through meditation. It has helped me more than anything else. 

I simply want to help, perhaps you do too!!!


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